zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Jealous Girlfriend Throws a Drink on Kim Kardashian in NYC

Kim Kardashian had to end her night in NYC early Thursday, not because she was tired from her big shopping trip, but because someone threw a drink at her! TMZ reports a jealous girlfriend went postal when she saw her man pose for a pic with the reality star, so she launched her beverage all over Kim's pretty gray dress. Yikes.
Kim gets soaked by a jealous girlfriend in NYC. (TMZ)Apparently Khloe and Scott Disick were standing right there when it went down, and jumped into the mess. In doing so, Khloe's blinged-out wedding ring went flying across the dance floor -- so she left her soaked sister to go retrieve her rock. (She ended up finding it. Whew!)

Kim explained on her blog today: "A drunk male fan came up to me and asked to take a picture, and I obliged, but his girlfriend, who was also drunk, got a little out of hand," she explained. "Luckily I had Scott and Khloe  there to protect me."

We hear Kim stayed calm through the whole ordeal (maybe she's used to this sort of thing?), but Scott got super angry and had to be restrained! Luckily, no one was injured in the fracas and all of the Kardashians exited the establishment immediately. No one likes to smell like alcohol all night -- especially someone like Kim who's a big star, and doesn't even drink!

Kim was a good sport and chalked it up to too much alcohol and hunger for attention. She posted: "We wanted a fun family night out, but when people see the cameras rolling, they try to get attention," Kim complained. "I guess that's what happened when the drunk girl saw that we were filming Kim and Kourtney Take New York."

She continued: "I always take the high road, so we all left straight after and didn't feed into their drama. Moving on!"

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