zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Kim Kardashian Does Dallas for...Miles Austin?

Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian 
Get ready for some Kim Kardashian romance rekindling rumors to pop this weekend.
She and Dallas Cowboys football man Miles Austin may have broken up in September after about three months of dating, but…
The E! reality star, we're told, is heading to Texas for the Cowboys game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.
Kimmy and the wide receiver recently had a little Twitter flirt going on. After Austin tweeted, "Sometimes u have to fall down to know where u stand," Kardashian replied with, "Those are some pretty wise words ;-)."
Miles posted back with , "Yea, I stole your quote."
A tiny burst of tweets does not a couple make. But traveling to Dallas for a game? That's definitely worth a tabloid headline or two, don't you think?
Kardashian's rep did not immediately comment.

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