zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Kim Kardashian Worries About Guys Trying to Date Her to Get on Television

Kim Kardashian Hosts The Opening of High Rollers Luxury Lanes and Lounge at Foxwoods Casino
Kim Kardashian hosts the grand opening of High Rollers Luxury Lanes and Lounge at Foxwoods Resort Casino on October 9, 2010 in Mashantucket, Connecticut.
Kim Kardashian With a hit show in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and a life lived (and often reinterpreted) through the media, Kim Kardashian is having trouble finding the right guy.

Kim and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin recently broke up and for now she's perfectly happy to stay single -- and not have to worry about the ulterior motives of men who try to romance her.

She said: "It's all a learning experience. I think I'm still trying to figure it out. That's why I think it's probably best for me to be single right now. It's a lot easier than to try and figure out who likes me for really me and who wants to be on a show. It's definitely a process."

However Kim – who recently moved to New York to set up a new clothing boutique and film the experience for a new reality show with her sister Kourtney – revealed even if a man isn’t after her for fame, it is still difficult to date while filming a reality television show.

She told USA Today newspaper: "It's definitely hard to date when you live your life on a reality show. How do you say to someone, 'Hey, are you cool with dating me on my show? Are you comfortable being on the show?' It's really hard. I'm definitely more open to dating when I'm not filming, when it's our off season."

Kim also admitted she is delighted to be moving to New York as the chance for a change has come at the right point in her life.

She explained: "This was like, for me, the perfect time to come to New York because I'm single, because I just felt like I kind of wanted a fresh start."

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