dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Kim Kardashian’s Racy With Magazine Cover

She’s no stranger to magazine covers, and Kim Kardashian is sporting nothing but her birthday suit on the front of the new issue of W magazine.
And in the interview (accompanied by a handful of sizzling shots) the “Disaster Movie” babe explains that she’s not like the rest of her Tinseltown contemporaries.

I'm not a drinker, and when I'm up on the table dancing, it's for the picture. Then I sit right back down. I play into the perception of me, but it's not really me. And the show reveals that."
"I used to think, I have to be this or that or skinny, and now, because of the show, everyone is embracing just me, which has given me such a confidence. Now, I'm like, 'Why did I ever give that feeling the time of day?' I'm so mature now. I'm a grown-up version of myself."
As for reports that Kim has been linked to ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and “One Tree Hill” actor Michael Copon, Gossip Cop says it’s all baseless speculation.

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