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Stars Aligned: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian: Libra, born October 21, 1980
Kris Humprhies: Aquarius, born February 6, 1985

Gossipmongers TMZ got their hands on this Kardashian wedding invitation and put it online Thursday morning. (From month Kim Kardashian will marry NBA baller Kris Humphries in a ceremony that promises to be a media madhouse. While details have been kept scarce, we've seen Kim talking gowns with Vera Wang, the invitations reek of extravagance and sister Khloe has already compared it to Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding.

Sounds expensive, right? That's OK. Licensing for photos, videos and acess will easily cover the cost of the ceremony, which probably will be the most-photographed celebrity wedding this side of the Royal Family.

With all that coverage, it's very important that Kim has found herself a keeper. If these two get divorced inside of two years, Kim is not only going to look silly, she's also going to look like a fame-mongerer whose marriage could have been some sort of lavish publicity stunt. So, what do the stars say about this couple?
The Good: Haters gonna hate, but Kim, a Libra, has found herself a very compatible partner in Kris, an Aquarius. Interestingly enough, this auspicious pairing has "power couple" written all over it.

When Libra and Pisces get together, they often work together so well as a team, that not only does their relationship work, but they have to find an outlet for all that pent-up teamwork. The two Air signs rarely stagnate when they're together and create an energy often associated with volunteerism and social justice (John Lennon and Yoko Ono were a famous Libra/Aquarius pairing). That sounds lofty for a reality star and a pro basketball player, but with these two together it's not crazy to think that Kim might even find herself involved in some sort of major charity campaign. Look out, UNICEF!

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As a Libra, Kim takes a balanced approach to all things. She has proven through the years that despite her salacious beginnings, she has real staying power as a celebrity. That could be because of her ability to keep one foot on the ground as she rises to ever-greater heights. That sense of balance is the perfect way to keep Aquarius grounded in reality. Meanwhile it's Kris who can motivate Kim to find more meaningful outlets for her energy... not that a new celebrity scent isn't meaningful.

The Bad: This is an overwhelmingly positive pairing, but as in all things the Devil is in the details. Both Libra and Aquarius are prone to anger, frustration and despondency in the face of undue restrictions, and reality stardom presents a world full of them. Contractual obligations, public relations management, and even the rigorous road schedule of an NBA baller (based in New Jersey none-the-less) are all going to make it challenging for these two to find the freedom they crave.

This relationship is going to require a lot of travel and a lot of work, and Kim and Kris are going to have to pull it all off under the hot glare of a reality television spotlight.

In the Stars: Kim and Kris do have some serious hurdles to leap before this relationship can reach its full potential. They'll have to make some very crazy schedules work, and they'll have to say "no" to enough things that they'll still have time for each other.

If they can learn how to make that happen, we can expect to see Kim and Kris celebrating many anniversaries to come and Kim's public image will be healthier than ever.

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