donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Stars Aligned: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

The Good: This is one of the more compatible mixes in the zodiac, and apparently it's one of the most compatible mixes on reality television. Khloe and Lamar pulled in an impressive 2.5 million viewers for its first season finale in late May, winning the key demographic of women 18-34 against all other cable shows that night.

As a cancer Khloe is attracted to her Scorpio man's power and dominance. As a Kardashian, a pro sports pedigree seals the deal. It's no surprise that this combo creates some intense sexual energy... even if they've found themselves scheduling nookie around her ovulation calendar (see video at right).

Stars AlignedStars Aligned is a weekly column that looks at the astrological compatibility of some of the most famous celebrity couples.But hey, that's a mutual goal, and mutual goals are one key to a successful relationship for this combo. When a Scorpio and Cancer team up on fulfilling a wish, you can count that wish as good as fulfilled.

It's a good thing that Lamar values family as much as he does. With Khloe's no-boundaries family and her personal penchant for over-sharing, the relationship wouldn't work if he wasn't cool with the entire Kardashian scene. These two also fit the stay-at-home mold of the Cancer/Scorpio, with Lamar once explaining: "People would be surprised about how we're big time homebodies. [We] just stay home, relax with a movie. Khloé loves champagne – and laughing."

The Bad: If Khloe comes to be at odds with her man, she's going to find herself dealing with a very tough 6-foot, 10-inch NBA forward. Even if it seems like she's getting her way (and it often does on their reality show), a Scorpio will sometimes pretend to give in without actually agreeing with his partner.

This is only the surface of the Scorpio's capacity for emotional manipulation, but two can play at that game. Khloe's emotional openness is par for the course for a Cancer, but they aren't above using an emotional display to get what they want. Add to that Khloe's family (with Kris Jenner's Machiavellian-like mastery of manipulation), and you have a seasoned player in a game where, ultimately, no one wins.

In the Stars: As long as people keep watching, and these two are game, we can expect to see many more seasons of Khloe and Lamar. With their shared devotion to home, family, and awkward revelations, it's safe to bet on Khloe and Lamar sticking together.

The first major hurdle these two will face will be having a baby. They're putting a lot of pressure on their relationship with the whole baby thing and fertility issues could be hard on them. We'll be keeping a watchful eye on Khloe's tummy and hoping for another Kardashian baby sometime soon.

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