vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Why Is Kim Kardashian The Only One On The People Cover? Where Is Kris Humphries?

If I’m not mistaken, Kim did marry Kris this past weekend on Aug. 20 — so why isn’t he featured along with his bride?

Does it seem weird to anyone else that Kim Kardashian posed for her wedding album in People without Kris Humphries?

A wedding is about a couple — meaning two. But Kim’s groom was left off the cover of the magazine that also boasts the headline “Kim’s Wedding Album!” Excuse me, did she marry herself?
Yes, Kim is more famous, but her celebrity has certainly made Kris a household name in the time they’ve been dating/engaged.
Kim, you should have insisted that Kris be with you on the cover — it’s insane to make that day all about yourself, especially when it’s really about the beginning of your life with Kris!

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