vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Bigger Pics Of The Wedding

Now that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are husband and wife, it's important that their assets get sorted out just in case the unthinkable happens and their wedded bliss doesn't last happily ever after.
Not that we're expecting that to happen, but with the kind of dough that Kim and Kris have, it's always good to be prepared.
The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop on what the power couple's prenuptial agreement entails. The deal was made so that Kim's estimated $35 million worth, as well as Kris' $8-16 million in assets, are each protected.
Family wealth planner Laura Zwicker noted that the agreement not only safeguards the bride and groom, but also the rest of the Kardashian crew, who likely has money and entitlements tied up in business ventures with Kim.
Laura Zwicker also pointed out that if the pair do go their separate ways in the future, Kris would have a difficult time disputing the prenup, as she explained, "In their situation, it's less likely that a court would find it was unconscionable. They are similarly situated. She might have 10 times as much assets as he has, but he is not poverty stricken."
Sounds like a good deal was made but hopefully they won't have to break it out anytime soon!

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