zondag 21 augustus 2011

Friends and Family Tweets About The Wedding

It's down to only a few hours before Kim Kardashian becomes Mrs. Kris Humphries, but don't expect to see what's going down during the ceremony showing up on Twitter.
Kardashian and Humphries used Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's wedding as an example for their highly anticipated nuptials, asking their guests to leave their cell phones and cameras at the door upon their arrival. Why such strict rules for the big day? PEOPLE magazine has paid a hefty $1.5 million for the exclusive photos of the newlyweds.
Being as guests will be silent on Twitter during the ceremony, we've gathered some tweets from friends, family and even the groom himself as they got ready and made their way to the main event.

Eva Longoria
So excited for wedding tomorrow! Gonna see my sister now!

Vera Wang
Just hours to go ! Getting so excited, just wait until everyone sees.....xxVera

Ryan Seacrest
On the way to 's wedding...traffic so bad on the 101 I had to stop at cold stone creamery...coffee lovers in my belly

brittny gastineau
Only a few hours to go till gets married!!! So excited for her!!! Ahhhhhh

Kendall Jenner
BIG DAY! My sissy is getting married today!!! So happy for you ! Love youuuu

Kris Jenner
Morning dolls!! Wow wedding day is finally here! I wanted to sleep in but too excited #feelingblessed

Sugar Ray Leonard
Congrats to @ & ! I felt so young riding in the Maybach with you guys! We love you and are excited for today. :D

My sisters getting married today!!!

Butterflies in my stomach for & ...beyond excited for today! the Anthonys are on our way! Love is in the Air!

Kourtney Kardashian
My sister is getting married tomorrow!!!

Robert Kardashian
Get a hair cut and shave your mustache. RT : mustache or no mustache for the wedding?

Kris Humphries
is this what our first kiss will be like? http://t.co/jpVzyVk

Scooter Braun
congrats to . have a great day. wish we could be there but we know you will be smiling all the way to the alter! cheers!

2Day is Princess Kimmies Day! Ow! So excited and happy for her! Will be a beautiful day indeed!

Brody Jenner
Getting a nice 10k run in before the long drive up to the wedding!! Congrats love you

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