woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Kardashian Sisters: Party Night in Manhattan 10/5


Making the most of their time on the East Coast, the Kardashian sisters were spotted out and about in New York City last night (October 5).
Kim and Kourtney were spotted hitting up the Lex Bar for some late night drinks and dancing, both dressed snazzy as they strolled past the paparazzi.
Earlier in the evening, Khloe launched a playful attack on Kourtney as she tackled her to the ground after arriving from Los Angeles. Afterwards Khloe gave Kourtney a piggyback ride inside the hotel.
In related news, Kim is celebrating her massive Twitter following after scoring her five millionth fan on the micro-blogging site.
She shared, "Last night I was glued to my laptop when I saw I was close to getting my five millionth follower on Twitter. I couldn't believe it when it happened! It’s such a mind blowing feeling to know so many of you are out there reading my tweets.”

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