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'It's Kourtney Kardashian's Son Mason Has a Closet To Rival Rachel Zoe's Boy - And That's Just In His Hotel Room

He may only be 23 months old, but Kourtney Kardashian is already determined to turn son Mason into a mini fashionista.
In the first instalment of her new video blog for E!, she took viewers on a tour of the toddler's closet.
The impressive array includes jackets from Ralph Lauren and H&M, piles of cardigans and sweaters, and a whole counter dedicated to accessories like trilby hats and bow ties.
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Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet
Future fashionista: Kourtney Kardashian reveals 23-month-old son Mason's impressive array of clothes with a tour of his closet on her new video blog
It may sound like a lot by anyone's standards - but it seems this is just the selection Kourtney travels with. One can only imagine the volume of garments at home in LA given that this closet is just the one in their New York hotel suite.

It promises to rival the wardrobe of Skyler Berman, the nine-month-old son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who this summer admitted that she has indulged her boy with a $1,000 Gucci jacket and $277 Hermes boots.
The 32-year-old, who announced this week that she is nine weeks' pregnant with her second child, also doled out some child styling advice to fellow mothers.
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet
Fancy footwear: The toddler has gold Supra hi-tops (left) and suede moccasins in every colour (right)
Expensive taste: Kourtney loves a denim jacket on her son - especially this Ralph Lauren number
Expensive taste: Kourtney loves a denim jacket on her son - especially this Ralph Lauren number
She revealed: 'I love dressing Mason more than dressing myself. It's so much fun picking out his clothes and making outfits and giving him style.'
Shoes, in particular, are one way to do this, she says.
'I think with boys… it’s all about shoes,' she tells viewers. 'I've seen so many little boys and their outfits are so cute and then their moms put kind of dorky shoes on them.'
Indeed, young Mason's extensive footwear collection is far from 'dorky'.
Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet
Accessorize all areas: Mason has several pairs of sunglasses (left) and even tiny bow-ties (right)
Taking up the entire floor space of his closet, the rows of tiny toddler-sized pairs include gold Supra hi-tops and Nike trainers, as well as soft-soled moccasins that his mother admits she re-buys in every colour each time he grows out of them.
The accessory obsession doesn't end there. Mason has sunglasses in multiple colours, including hot pink, and bow-ties, which Kourtney says she teams with button-down shirts.
He even has his own mini trilby, which his mother says is 'a fun way to instantly add style'.

Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet
An outfit for every occasion: The closet is packed with shirts and jackets in every possible print and fabric

Kourtney Kardashian's tour of Mason's closet
More clothes than Mommy? As well as the closet, Mason needs a dresser for his piles of knitwear
As for where to shop, it's not all about the high-end labels, she reveals.
She names H&M as one of her favourite places to find well-priced, trend-led pieces, because, as she points out, 'kids definitely grow out of their clothes really quickly.'
Instead, she whispers, 'let the grandmas buy the expensive stuff.'

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