donderdag 31 maart 2011

Scott Disick, style icon, says American style is “childish”

I had the chance to read Scott Disick’s Men’s Fitness interview. He’s on the cover in a t-shirt, thankfully, and never bares his chicken chest inside. The story is thin and superficial, just like Scott, and contains his deep as a puddle explanations for why he’s always dressed up like a real life stock character version of Richie Rich. It’s all about Scott being more “mature” than the rest of us peons who want to feel comfortable and occasionally wear our workout gear outside the gym. You can picture him sneering while he says this.
His personal style is as classic as the vintage Jaguar he drives around the streets of Manhattan. “I dress more mature than most,” he says, unapologetically. In fact, he seems unnerved by young America’s sartorial nonchalance and love of casual clothing (”it looks rather un-put together and childish.”) Disick strives for a more “elegant” (yes, his word), confidence boosting appearance. And much to the chagrin of a lot of his haters, he achieves it.
“There’s not much to say about a guy who walks into a room wearing a brand-new T-Shirt,” he says, “but there’s definitely something to compliment about a guy who walks in with a beautiful collared shirt with French cuffs and a perfectly tailored sports coat.”
[From Men's Fitness, print edition, May, 2011]
Like the Kardashians, who will market just about anything they can slap their name on, Scott is about to become a whole lot more ubiquitous. He’s putting out a line of skin care products, a fashion line, his own brand of hair product, a line of supplements and his “own tanning product called Monte Carlo.” Kourtney must be sick of paying for Scott’s cars and his tailored Tom Ford suits. That QuickTrim money only goes so far. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a cologne out. He could call it Spring’s Twilight.
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