donderdag 31 maart 2011

Khloe Kardashian On The Cover Of Cosmo: Lookin FAB!

Oh. My. GOD. Look at what they did to my favorite Kardashian!!! This is the new cover of “Cosmopolitan: Middle East” (which I didn’t know existed), with what amounts to a drawing of Khloe Kardashian on the cover. Well, I think that’s actually Khloe’s face, but that is surely not her body. I have three theories: A) they put Khloe’s head on someone else’s body, or B) that’s really Khloe’s body, but the Photoshop fairies went overboard or C) they pasted Khloe’s head onto a drawing of some chick’s body. You choose.
Here are some highlights from the Cosmo interview (you can read scans of the whole thing here, at Khloe’s Celebuzz site):
On the toughest part of being a Kardashian: “Dealing with the Kardashian body image… Kim and Kourtney have said to me, ‘If we were put under the same negative attention that you are, we couldn’t handle it.’ If I want to wear a long flowing dress, someone will say I’m pregnant. I believe we’re not given any more than we can handle and most of the time I can handle it. But we all have fat days and if I’m having one of those days, those sorts of things make me feel down.”
Supporting curvy girls: “Girls tell me and my sisters, ‘We love your booties,’ Khloe reveals. “Just yesterday a really thin stylist said to me, ‘I wish I had your booty. I don’t have one.’” Even her sister Kim has insecurities, Khloe adds, which surprises her. “Kim, who I think is flawless, is always complaining. She complains about cellulite and I tell her, ‘I’ll trade your cellulite for my love handles.’”
[From Cosmo, via HuffPo]
Meanwhile, Khloe has given a new round of interviews about how she is NOT pregnant. She gave an “exclusive” to Life & Style (she shares the cover this week with Kim Zolciak and Britney Spears) about how she is “feeling lots of pressure” about getting pregnant. She tells the mag: “I feel like I’m letting people down. My mom literally calls me daily to ask when my period is supposed to be. I’m not desperate to have a baby right now, but if I got pregnant tomorrow I’d be over the moon excited.”
Meanwhile, she talked about her lack of beh-behs again to People Magazine earlier this week. She tells them, “I’m not desperate to have a baby. Do I want children? Yes. But I’m very happy being just Lamar and I. I think a baby would add so much to us, but right now, I’m so content and so happy with the way things are. People think I would sell my hair to have a child. We feel like we’re young and whatever is meant to happen is meant to happen. I’m healthy, I know I can have children. He can have children. It’s like we’re not doing anything to stop it, but I don’t have like an ovulation calendar and all that. Trying to get pregnant is hard. People don’t seem to realize that you only have three days out of the month to get pregnant. And if you miss those three days, you have to wait for the next month. If I don’t get pregnant in a few years, then we’ll call the doctor and figure out what happened.”
Sigh… okay, enough of Phantom Bump Watch. Khloe will get pregnant and tell us about it when she’s ready.
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