vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Kourtney Moving to NYC Permanently?!

We all know that the Kardashian girls grew up in California but now with Scott Disick firmly in her life, Kourtney obviously has a pull toward the East Coast.  So we weren’t totally surprised when Kourt admitted to CLIQ magazine that the couple has been toying with the idea of moving to New York permantly.
“We keep going back and forth. Scott [Disick] has had a place in New York since he was born, so we go there a lot.  Now that we have a store in New York, we have a reason to go back. I’d love to be bicoastal.”
Kourtney told the mag that she thinks that it’s easier to get around in NYC “because you don’t have to take a car and can hop out and take the subway.”
Still, LA has it’s drawcards too, like being close to her family and also getting around town with a baby in tow. “If I want to go somewhere far and want to take Mason, it’s just hard with a car seat in a taxi,” Kourtney says.
Kourt also spoke about the challenges of setting up the DASH store in New York versus the Miami store, “It was so hard to find the location; rents are so high. There was definitely more pressure to have great merchandise. There’s just a different consumer.  Miami is flip flops and jean shorts. In New York, it’s all about fashion. Our store was three times the size, so we had to order more merchandise,” she adds. “In New York, after the second day we had to order another cash register and it was harder to find employees. I thought Kim wouldn’t have been as helpful in New York, but she was.”
Next up for the famous family who netted $65 million in 2010 is another clothing line, which Kourt explains, “We have a lifestyle clothing line that we’ve been working on for years coming out with Sears in the fall.”

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