woensdag 30 maart 2011

Khloé Kardashian Odom: Kim Thinks She's Going to Marry Kris Humphries

But Khloé's older and much more relationship-ADD sister, Kim Kardashian, is on an even faster track to married land than Khlomar were. She's even contemplating making her new home base NYC just to be closer to current and stable beau, New Jersey Net Kris Humphries. (The two were spotted cozying it up over the weekend.)
Some think Kim has her wedding booked and planned—well, in her head at least—but we're just wondering when her beautiful bridezilla-self will officially come out to wed?
Khloé sure as hell doesn't know!
But as uncertain as the married gal is about her sis's future walk down the aisle with her own baller of a man, Khlo's positive about one thing: Kim's set on being Kris' wifey.
"She thinks she is," Khloé said when asked about the potential nuptials. "But Kim is a hopeless romantic. That's just Kim," Khloé stated it in her signature tough love sort of way.
Unlike wedding daydreamer Kim, the younger Kardash—who swears she still loves her girls' nights as much as snuggling with her Lam Lam—doesn't miss one ounce of that shady, serial-dating single life.
"I really don't miss it," Khlo laughs. "I mean, dating and, like, all those asshole guys. Trust me, I don't miss those losers."
Amen, woman! Most all of us feel you on that gross crash-and-burn dating scene.
Well, except maybe Kim, who despite recently settling down with her über-gorgeous basketball stud, was fiercely playing the field in the Big Apple.
"She likes having her boyfriends, and you know, when it dies out, I think it's fun to have the new phase, and I think Kim likes that," the married sis said, attempting to dissect Kim's dating game.
But it looks like the player in Kim is ready to call it game over.
Lucky for Kim, until her BF Kris does pop the only question on her mind, she's got some serious second-hand bling to take help take her anxious mind off things. Like, Khloé's 10-karat, massive piece of an engagement ring.
"She takes pictures with it. I'm like oh my god, you've got to give it back," the charming third daughter said about Kim's everyday ring-prancing and stealing.
We think it's kind of cute, and we're glad there are still some hopeless romantics out there to balance out commitment phobes like us.
Here's to Kim landing her own big, fat rock some day real soon.

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