dinsdag 19 april 2011

Paris vs. Khloe

theOutfit: Blumarine Animal Print Dress
theFaceoff: Paris Hilton vs. Khloe Kardashian
theDeets: At first glance we didn’t think this dress was the same one on each girl.  But with a closer look, the differences just come down to styling.  It’s pretty cool to be able to change the entire look of a dress with your accessories and hem length.
Paris chose to keep her Blumarine animal print dress as a maxi.  This enables the socialite to show off her toned shoulders and make them the stand-out feature of her look.  Paris has accessorized with chunky gold bracelets, rings and a chain necklace, which all add to the ferocious-ness of the dress.  She has worn her hair down in loose curls and put the emphasis on her eyes with dark eye makeup.
Khloe has gone for a more experimental look; in this case it’s not one of our favorites, the mullet dress.  Khloe does have great legs, but it would have been more flattering to simply have the dress as a mini if she wanted to show them off.  The long piece of fabric at the back is just too distracting.  Khloe’s shoes are also too busy and compete with the print on the dress.  Accessory-wise it probably would have been better if Khloe stuck to the hoop earrings rather than adding the beaded bracelets and chunky ring.
Personality-wise, we’d go for Khloe over Paris any day.  But in this fashion faceoff, it’s clear who the winner is in our eyes.

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