dinsdag 19 april 2011

Kim Kardashian Denies NYC Move

Kim Kardashian Denies NYC Move
 Kim Kardashian was rumored to be moving to New York to be closer to her boyfriend, Kris Humphries. In addition to that, she was said to be moving there to help with the plot for her NYC based reality show.
She denied the rumors, saying, “L.A. is my home and I will always live there. They’re all rumors, I don’t know where they come from. Either you’re getting married, breaking up or having a baby.”
Oh those rumors….she just can’t seem to get away from them, can she? Like the ones where it was said that she made a sex tape and got peed on? Or how about the time when she got naked for a magazine and didn’t like it? Surely you’ve heard those…. Oh wait, those weren’t made up, were they?
I swear this chick would make up a rumor about a family member dying if it would give her any kind of publicity.

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