maandag 20 december 2010

Kim Kardashian Considering Adoption After Seeing Photo Of Orphan Babies?

Brutal Fruit cocktails, but she has made last minute arrangements to visit an orphanage, reports Life & Style.

Reportedly, a friend of Kim’s showed her a photo of orphan babies at the Shepherd’s Keep orphange and it has inspired her to consider adoption.
Kim Kardashian is making a slight detour on her trip to South Africa this week. The reality star is on a quick trip too the country to promote
“She couldn’t believe that all these beautiful little babies were orphans. Kim was in shock — she just couldn’t believe that none of them had a mom or a dad to love them and tuck them into bed at night. That picture really changed her mind about adoption.”

After realizing this particular orphanage was too far to visit on her trip, Kim arranged to visit the Door of Hope center instead.
The friend says that this trip just might solidify Kim’s desire to adopt – and soon.
Kim has really come around to the idea that she could raise an orphan as her own child and surround it with the love and family that she grew up with. She’s not afraid to be a single mom anymore. She knows she has the money and the support network to raise a baby. Now she just has to find the child that she can be a mother to.”
What do you think? I’m a little skeptical about this “source”. Kim has made it clear she doesn’t have time to have a steady relationship, why would she suddenly have enough time to raise a baby? She’s so involved in SO many business projects. I’m calling B.S., I can’t help it. im not obsessed

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