woensdag 22 december 2010

Khloe and Kim Celebrating Brutal Fruit Cheeky with Kimmie :)

Hi dolls! Happy Monday. Well I fiiiiinally made it back from South Africa and I have to say it was quite an adventure. Even though it took two days to get home LOL, Kimmie and I are so glad we went! Everyone in South Africa was so warm and welcoming — the moment we stepped off the plane we felt so loved! It was truly incredible to meet fans who live overseas. We went for the launch of Brutal Fruit Cheeky Cranberry and went to a number of events to celebrate.
Here are some pics from one of the dinners we went to — I am obsessed with the decor they used on the tables! Joyce and I want to find this sequined table cloth and put it all over the place. It almost seemed like New Year’s Eve!



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