donderdag 3 november 2011

Reggie Bush, Get On A Plane To Australia & Win Kim Kardashian Back!

Here’s the bottom line: Reggie Bush still loves Kim and Kim still loves Reggie Bush, according to sources — they need to get back together now!

No more mistakes, Kim. You’ve NEVER gotten over Miami Dolphins football player, Reggie Bush. You didn’t get over him when the two of you broke up at the end of July, 2009, after two years together.

You spent an entire season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians mooning over him and realizing that he was the man for you.
You were ecstatic when you got back together in Sept. 2009 and you’ve really been lost romantically after you split a second time in March 2010.
I think it’s because you never got over Reggie that you were vulnerable to “falling into love” with just the idea of getting married. You wanted so much to find true love like your younger sister Khloe did with Lamar, that you convinced yourself that your feelings for Kris Humprhies were the real thing.
But you were trying to recreate something with Kris that you already and still felt for Reggie.
Now sources tell us at Reggie has not ever gotten over you, Kim. He still loves you. We hear that the NFL hunk, 26, harbors serious feelings for you, but he’s just afraid of getting hurt again. Apparently, you broke his heart.
Nevertheless, he’s thinking of going to see you once the drama over your divorce dies down.
Well Reggie, I say — forget about waiting for the attention to go away. Kim needs you now. She’s never needed you more.
She’s just made the courageous decision to walk away from her marriage of 72 days because she realized she “rushed into something too soon.” She wrote, “I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly,” but “it just didn’t turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for.”
She’s really hurting. I believe she wanted to have that fairytale with you so badly that when she couldn’t have it, she tried to recreate it with Kris.
Reggie, don’t let her make that mistake again. If you two truly love each other and are really meant to be together, then you need to overcome whatever issues are holding you back.
Think about Clark Gable and Scarlett O’Hara. She kept marrying the wrong people when they were meant to be together. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell — she almost married the absolutely wrong man before her ex, Carey Grant, made sure that didn’t happen again.
Kim, you said you’re a “hopeless romantic,” and maybe I am too. But when two people still love each other after a whole lot of ups and downs, it’s time to do the right thing, stop fighting it and BE TOGETHER!

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