donderdag 3 november 2011

Kim Kardashian Had Cold Feet Before The Wedding: Inside Her Pre-Wedding Fears!

kim kardashian cold feet divorce

Even before she said ‘I do’ Kim had a feeling that she was making a mistake!

It turns out Kim Kardashian might have known she wasn’t making the right choice marrying Kris Humphries even before she walked down the aisle! A Kardashian insider tells us that the reality star definitely had a panging sense of doubt even before the big day. “She kept thinking this is cold feet, this is normal,” as she brushed the feeling under the rug.
While Kim is known to be a romantic, the larger-than-life wedding definitely put some pressure on the star. “She was under so much pressure to keep it going. The plans were already made, they had told their families, it was world wide news. They were so wrapped up in the wedding planning and in too deep,” our insider revealed.
The star might have had a feeling that she was making a mistake, but her circle of friends didn’t suspect anything until after they were settled and living in NYC. On top of the pressure of being a newlywed and discovering eachother, Kim’s hubby Kris started to change — and it was a huge warning sign. “They really had very little time to get to know eachother before, and Kris’ true colors didn’t come out until they moved to NYC to film the season and she began to feel taken advantage of. It was very difficult as newlyweds who were still getting to know eachother. They were in too deep and they were contracted to do the show,” our insider said.
Do you think Kim should have trusted her gut and called off the wedding or do you think it’s normal to have doubts before your big day?

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