zondag 10 juli 2011

Keeping up with the Kardashians- “Out of Wedlock” recap 7/10/11

On this weeks episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian, Kris Jenner treated us to a whole new side of fashion. Kris paired a white blazer, white sunglasses and white high top sneakers. Rock it, girl.
The episode was based around the belief that Kourtney and Scott should get married.  Kourtney and Scott are a happy functioning couple who have defeated the odds that were stacked so high  against them. Kris tried to break them up, and now she’s trying to get them to marry. During a conversation with her friend, Kris felt “embarrassed” by Kourtney and even exaggerated the truth about Scott and Kourtneys sleeping arrangement.  Kris kept dropping the word “Krazy” and after seeing her outfit choices this episode, I’m starting to think she is.
Kim and Kris are in cahoots regarding Kourtneys marriage, and both try and push their “belief system” on Kourtney. Call me Krazy, but aren’t both Kris and Kim divorced? Maybe they should learn from Kourtney, instead of force their opinions down her throat.
Scott becomes worried that Kourtney doesn’t have faith in him and agrees with Kris that they should be married. Poor Bruce once again gets thrown in the middle, but surprisingly, he stands up to Kris. Good for you, Brucey.   
 Kim asks Kourtney the question we all wondered: Why not get married? And, Kourtney’s answer was very honest. She didn’t want to rush into marriage with Scott until she knows a thousand percent that Scott is better. She doesn’t want her son to go through a divorce like she did because it caused her a lot of pain. Her statement clearly depicts how smart, level headed and devoted she really is. if that’s not something to be proud of Kris, I don’t know what is.
 Kris officiates Pastor Dans wedding without any flubs. But, after a few drinks once again brings up the marriage issue. Kris tries to express how she raised her kids to be a certain way, and Kourtney is going against that. Kourtney tells Kris she is a control freak, and that she has a happy family unit, regardless of a piece of paper. Kourtney then walks out, and Kris “washes her hands” of the issue … Until next week.

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