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Khloe Kardashian: Having Sex Is the Only Thing I Wouldn’t Do on Camera

From giving birth to getting waxed, the Kardashian sisters have pretty much bared it all for the cameras. For the past five years, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have shared their lives — the good, the bad and the hilarious — with the world on their multiple reality shows. In fact, Khloe (whose new E!  show Khloe & Lamar delves into her life as a newlywed with NBA star Lamar Odom) admits she’d do pretty much anything on camera — except have sex!
iVillage caught up with Kourtney, 32, and Khloe, 26, at the John Frieda mobile hair salon in New York City’s Times Square recently to dish about their most embarrassing onscreen moments, their beauty secrets and why Khloe and Lamar’s relationship is sometimes too cute. (Just ask Rihanna!)

You’re both pretty open on your reality shows. Is there anything you won’t do on camera?
Khloe: Just me having sex. That’s pretty much it. Everything else pretty much goes! I mean, we’ve done it for so long and our shows are pure reality. We give you 7 days a week — minimum of 12, max of 18 hours a day — for three to four months at a time. There’s not much room to hold anything back.

So, there’s no scripted drama?
Khloe: We’re brothers and sisters and family, and we live together so there’s no need for all that. There’s already so much drama happening between us as a family.

Are you ever embarrassed after watching the show?
Kourtney: Not really. It’s just weird when I meet people, and I forget that they’ve seen so much of my life. They’ve seen me give birth and they’ve seen me crying and they’ve seen me fighting with this person or that person. I just meet people as if they don’t know anything about me, and it’s just weird if I think of that.
Khloe: (The most embarrassing thing I’ve done on camera was) probably my (bikini) waxing — when Kourtney waxed me. Like, why the hell would you do that on camera?
Kourt: Because it’s fun!
Khloe: But I never sit and think “X amount of viewers are watching the show.” When you’re filming it’s not a big deal, but when you’re watching you’re like,  “Oh my god, I can’t believe that many people are going to watch me get a bikini wax.”

Khloe, you and Lamar are so cute on your show. What did you think when your pal Rihanna jokingly tweeted that you guys make her want to barf?
Kourtney: She did?
Khloe: Yeah, I think she tweeted, “You guys really make me want to barf.” And she went on Ryan Seacrest and they talked about it. She was like, “They’re just too freaking cute that I hate them.”

Kourtney, do you ever feel that way when you’re around them?
Kourtney: No, I feel like I literally have seen Lamar for maybe ten minutes of my life. Whenever I see Khloe she’s alone.
Khloe: It’s because he’s always in season and Kourtney never goes to a game because she won’t bring (her 1-year-old son) Mason.
Kourtney: We’ve talked on the phone more than we’ve seen each other.

Khloe, is it ever hard for you and Lamar to have alone time with Rob living in your house?
Khloe: It used to definitely be. We were newly married and Rob just moved in, and he had no boundaries. But now Robert really gets it. But Jamie, Lamar’s best friend (who appears on Khloe & Lamar), is more annoying than anything. I’m like “Oh my God, get a f**king life … boundaries! You’re 32 years old. How do you not know to get away from me?” He annoys me more than Rob right now. Robert is 24 but he gets it. He’s learned that we need our quiet time. Jamie is like a leech; he just sits there and sucks on our skin.

You two are here for the John Frieda Salon Tour to show your fans how you get your hair looking so great. So, which of the sisters takes the longest to get ready?
Kourtney: It’s Kim. I’m the shortest. When I start adding up the amount of time it takes to get ready — and then I times it by seven and then I times it by 52 — it freaks me out. I just have a crazy mental problem, and I’m like “You have to live your life. You can’t just sit and get your hair and makeup done!” And with Mason, too, I just like easy hair and makeup.
Khloe: Kim is a perfectionist, so when she gets her hair done she needs every piece and strand to be perfect. But she loves it. I get annoyed sitting there and I get antsy, but I take longer than Kourt. Kourt will be like “Thirty minutes, that’s all you have. Figure it out.” And she’ll really leave. If they’re not finished, she’ll be like “I’m done!”
Have you picked up tips to do your hair faster?

Kourtney: When I’m just by myself and I’m not doing anything I just take a shower, brush my hair, and let it dry. But if I’m trying to do it, I try and slick it up into a bun. And then John Frieda actually has this wand, Full Repair Flyaway Tamer, and it’s to help get your little extra pieces that maybe didn’t get into your hair. That’s so helpful for me.

You’re both really into hair and fashion. Would you rather shave your head or give up your whole wardrobe?
Kourtney: I would say give up my wardrobe.
Khloe: Shave my head. I could wear a wig!

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