vrijdag 6 mei 2011

It’s a CRAZY world! Take some YOU time! By Kim

Hey dolls!
It’s almost summer time – can you believe it? This year has gone by so fast!
I wanted to take some time to talk a little bit about what’s on my mind right now. The name Kardashian and hard work go hand in hand. There isn’t a moment in any day where I am not busy doing something. I’m always filming, travelling, blogging, tweeting and working behind the scenes to make the magic happen.
I’ve worked hard all my life. I believe that hard work is the magical fairy dust that turns dreams into reality. But, when I turned 30, I started to see a whole new perspective on life. I still really love to work hard, but I also find myself really wanting to just find some “me” time.

It’s like SO easy to lose yourself in your work. TRUST ME, I know! I work so hard sometimes I don’t have any energy left to give to my fam or friends. So what I’ve really been trying to do lately is make more time for me to recharge and get centered.
 Deepak Chopra told me once that, “you cannot give to the world what you don’t have yourself”. I love my fam, friends and fans so much that I feel like I owe it to them to do more “me” time.
 When I take more time for me, it really helps me to not let the CRAZINESS of my life get to me. Part of being successful is that your time gets waaay more precious because there is always so much going on. Dolls, the crazy world will always be there, so take some time for YOU today!
 Here are some tips for YOU time!

 1. Turn your phone off!

2. Limit your time on Twitter, Facebook and the Internet.

3. Exercise – it makes you feel sooo good!

4. Take a long bath and forget the world.

5. If you are going to hang out with anyone, make sure you love them and they aren’t going to be negative and pull you down.

6. Do fun stuff! Remember when you were a kid? What made you SUPER HAPPY?
 Take a day and do that!

 Dolls, I love you! I hope my blog and tips for taking some “you time” help you not lose yourself in this crazy world and, as Deepak would say, “Have MORE to give away to the world.”

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