vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Rob Kardashian Calls A Fan A Wh**e On Twitter

Rob Kardashian wants everyone to know that he has potty mouth. I guess he thinks it’s pretty cool that he’s not afraid to tweet his random and vulgar thoughts to his over two million followers. But I personally have a problem with it and think he needs to GROW UP!
Okay, so a fan wrote a disgusting message to Rob about wanting to do sexual things to him. Rob could have easily NOT replied or even re-tweeted this on his wall but instead the 24-year-old reality star decided to say this: “That is disgusting. You sound like a whore. Respect Yourself.”
Rob even tweeted a degrading lyric from Raekwon‘s single “Ice Cream”: “Ice cold bitches melt down within the clutch, they want there titties sucked! #ice-cream.”
For someone who has five sisters, I would have thought Rob would have a little more respect for women. But unfortunately his 32-year-old pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian encouraged Rob’s bad behavior by re-tweeting one of his mindless thoughts: “I fuks wut u boo! RT @RobKardashian: I fuks wit real people only.”
It really makes you wonder why someone with so many fans would choose to use their fame for such mindless vulgarity. Rob really has an opportunity to tweet about important things to his fans but this shows he’s just an immature kid.
He gets very upset when his sisters, Kim Kardashian especially, give him a hard time about not having a job and just living off of his sister Khloe Kardashian. Rob tried to prove that he was growing up by appearing on Dancing with the Stars last season and sounding poised on TV. But this just shows Rob hasn’t learned anything!
This is Rob’s second Twitter ran in the past week. Rob wiped his Twitter clean the other day and started what many thought was a clean slate. But now, out of Rob’s 34 new tweets, seven of them are incredibly disgusting.
Rob always talks about his late father Robert Kardashian, who was a famous attorney and represented OJ Simpson. Would his dad be happy to see that his son just sits around and tweets horribly disgusting things to the public about watching his sister Khloe have sex with her husband Lamar Odom and cussing out his fans?

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