woensdag 8 februari 2012

Kim Kardashian won't ever date a football player

Kim Kardashian isn't secretly dating Mark Sanchez... she's not interested in Tim Tebow - in fact, sources say the reality star is completely DONE with football players in general... all thanks to Reggie Bush.
In case you haven't heard - there were reports Kim and Mark were seeing each other on the DL whenever she was in New York.
There were other rumours Kim came on to Tim Tebow because of his old-fashioned values. But we're told ... it's all only rumours.
Rumour has it: Sources say reports that Kim Kardashian is dating Mark Sanchez are false
Rumour has it: Sources say reports that Kim Kardashian is dating Mark Sanchez are false
Sources close to Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was so rough... she has lost her taste for National Football League (NFL) players entirely - and has no plans to play the field in the near future.
Now that she's moved on from NBA (National basketball Association) players too... she's only left with baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. Hey, Tiger's available! - tmz.com

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine has found that a short, 10- minute Swedish-style massage session can reduce inflammation, which can help your muscles recover after a hard workout.
11 healthy young male participants worked out to their maximum capabilities on a stationary bike. Muscle tissue samples from the legs of each participant was taken before and after the intense workout.
It was found that the massaged samples had less of a protein called NF-kB, which plays a role in creating an inflammatory response to exercise. - huffingtonpost.com

A stroke is a silent killer just like heart attacks, and the amount of damage it does to the body varies, with many of those who suffered from a stroke having to live with limited movement.
Not only that, statistics show that nearly 33% of stroke patients experience another stroke - all the while when they are still stuck in the hospital.
To monitor the potential advent of another stroke a device is being developed in Florida, which will be able to monitor through the simple act of shining light onto a patient's forehead. - coolest-gadgets.com

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