dinsdag 23 november 2010

Is Kim Dating Halle Berry’s Ex? Upgrade!

They certainly seem friendly enough! Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry, model and Halle Berry’s ex and baby daddy, attended the Los Angeles Lakers/Golden State Warriors game together on Sunday, November 21. It’s not a party unless Kris Jenner is there, and soon enough, the matriarch of the Kardashian family joined the duo to cheer on the Lakers’ win.
Sources say that they’ve been casually dating for awhile now, and it looks like both have gotten over their respective broken relationships – Kim with Reggie Bush/Miles Austin and Gabriel with Halle. The pair make an intriguing and handsome couple, to say the least. We’re interested to see how this one pans out!
What do you think, Hills2Citiers? Do two good-looking people make a wrong or a right?

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