woensdag 15 juni 2011

Kim Kardashian’s $1 Million Wedding….

By now you must have heard the eldest Kardashian is heading down the aisle.
Kim Kardashian is set to wed NBA player Kris Humphries before the summer sun sets in a ceremony we are sure not to forget.
Kim has recently been shopping around the exclusive rights to her lavish nuptials and has allegedly scored $1 million from People magazine .   According to reports, ‘OK’ magazine made an offer of almost $2 million before bowing out gracefully.
Kim previously sold her engagement story to People for an estimated $300,000, which didn’t do as well as expected.
“People’s Kim engagement cover sold well, but did not as well as they hoped. Over a million copies were sold, which is good but not their best. And when you spend that much on a cover story, you expect it to sell”.
But according to People, they know nothing of which we speak of.  They are vehemently denying splurging on cover pics for Kim’s glizy wedding.
It must have sold enough magazines for them to want to reinvest an additional mil on Kim & Kris.
We can’t wait to see how much Kim’s exclusive pregnancy shots will fetch.

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