woensdag 15 juni 2011

Bret Lockett: I Never Met Kim Kardashian

NFL player, Bret Lockett is continuing his media rounds. He recently went on Showbiz to talk about his alleged 5-month relationship with Kim Kardashian.
He claims that actress and good friend to Kim, Lauren London, who is in the middle of the drama, hooked them up. He is also saying he never met the reality star in person, but they were sexting and that he won’t retract anything that has been said, because it’s all the truth.
Lauren London made a statement via facebook:
“To my family, friends, supporters and the media.  I have an impostor.  It is similar to identity theft because he/she constantly pretends to be me.  This person disrupts my personal and professional life on an almost daily basis.  Words cannot express how troubling this situation is for me and my loved ones.  The statements made about me in the Kim Kardashian story are 100% false.  Please repost and thank you for your support.”
Bret we don’t believe you, you need more people.

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