dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Kim Kardashian Praises Old BFF Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian really rode Paris Hilton’s coattails to fame — and with the help from a “leaked” sex tape, she became a household name. You can see in the picture above, that they were pretty much inseparable on the party scene back in 2006. What you can also see in the above photo is Kim’s old face. May it rest in peace.
Kim Kardashian Praises Old BFF Paris Hilton
Now, in a new interview, Kim is addressing the whole Paris thing. She said, “We had so much fun. I had never traveled the world like that. It was so neat, all the things we did. I think I learned a lot from her.”
Now that they’re not close at all, she says, “We don’t really talk. As I always say, everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And she was in my life for a long time. There comes a point in life where you just grow apart and you realize you’re not as similar as you thought. And I never run into her anywhere. Isn’t that so weird?”
So Kim’s saying that she’s getting VIP access to all the trendy clubs and Paris is left out in the cold? Umm, I hate to defend Paris in any situation, but she could probably buy and sell the entire Kardashian family and not bat a lash.

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