maandag 7 februari 2011

Is Scott Disick Secretly In Love With Kim Kardashian?

Scott thinks Kim Kardashian — sister of the woman he is dating — is hot. And he allegedly makes sexual and suggestive comments to Kim from time to time.
“Scott never lets Kourtney know that she is just as hot or hotter than Kim, even though he should, ” says an insider.
“On the other hand, he talks about Kim all the time and has made it obvious that he is in love with her.”
Also: At Kim’s 30th birthday party, a source reveals, “Scott made a speech, announcing to everyone how much he ‘loves’ Kim.” Yeah… as like, a sister-in-law, right?
[From In Touch via Jezebel]
You know what? If the details were a little bit better, I would believe this. I’m not even sure Scott feels actual, human emotions like “love” and “passion” considering he’s a stone-cold Patrick Bateman-esque psychopath who will one day massacre the Kardashian women, BUT I do think Scott likes Kim. I think he likes Kim more than is polite between what is basically a sister-in-law situation. I think Scott wishes he was with Kim sometimes. That’s just my theory.

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