vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Rob Kardashian is “Sick of” Reality Television


Rob Kardashian looks pensive on his way to the barbershop in Los Angeles on September 27, 2011.
Anyone who’s watched a Kardashians show recently knows about Rob Kardashian’s variety of inner turmoil – from low self-esteem to binge eating to feeling overshadowed by his socialite sisters. But Rob may have found a solution to all his problems with his new stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Case-in-point: Rob’s DWTS partner, Cheryl Burke, has said her dancing buddy is “turning into a man” and “changing his way of thinking about himself” as the weeks go by.

And it’s not just Cheryl who’s noticed positive changes. "This show is definitely showing [me] in a newer light," Rob told People on Monday night after his fourth appearance on DWTS. "I feel like [people are] starting to see a different side of me."

Not so shockingly, Rob revealed he’s “sick of” reality TV, particularly because of the way he’s been portrayed on Keeping Up (read: as a jobless, lifeless, food hoarder). Sounds like the new gig didn’t come a moment too soon!

Thanks to his new confidence, Rob also says he’s ready to “branch away” from all that, and focus his energy on other endeavors, and promises “a lot of different stuff to come.”

For some reason, we can’t stop picturing Rob Kardashian workout videos.

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