dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Paris is Coming For Kim K’s Throne

Perhaps motivated by revenge, Paris Hilton is taking singing lessons.  Paris was spotted leaving voice lessons in Studio City on Wednesday, January 12.   Once upon a time, we all know Paris was BFFs with Kim Kardashian, in fact it’s how Kim came to be famous initially.
Then they fell out and Kim’s fame grew and grew until she eclipsed Paris completely.  Paris naturally had to be thinking she created a fame grabbing celebrity overtaking monster.  Remember five years ago when Paris Hilton was the name on every paparazzi’s lips?  These days, the only attention she gets is for drug busts and boyfriends, and even then we don’t care as much as we used to.
So perhaps Paris has been thinking up ways to get her Socialite crown back?  Kim’s new song just hit the interwebs, so maybe Paris is trying to make another run at making a single- and one better than The Stars are Blind- for chance to become the tabloid fave again?
When we think about it, even Paris’ outfit here looks very Kim K. And given the fact that the Kardashians are way too many places at way too many times in front of way too many people, we can see a turn in the works. Check out the pics below for more of Paris.

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